Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Patient Rewards Hub

            In 2015, our office has welcomed a new patient incentive program called the Patient Rewards Hub. This program is designed around trying to get our patients more involved in not only their orthodontic treatment but also their overall oral health. Patient Rewards Hub is a way for patients to get rewarded for doing all the “right” things with their treatment and oral health.

            Patients starting treatment after February 1, 2015 and those with significant time left in their orthodontic treatment will be issued a “Smile Rewards” Card. It’s a little like a credit card. When the patient visits the office for regular appointments, they must bring their card so that points can be added to the card by our office. Points will be awarded for a wide variety of things. Examples include: Being on time for your appointment, good brushing and oral hygiene, wearing elastics as instructed, and coming to an appointment during a less preferred time (i.e. during school hours). In addition, you can be awarded points for visiting your dentist and having a dental cleaning and for having no cavities.  When you come to the office, be sure to check the Patient Rewards Hub bulletin board in the waiting room which will be listing various contests both in office and online that can earn you even more rewards points.

            So, what do you do with all these reward points? On the back of your “Smile Rewards” Card, you will find your own personal login information for the Patient Rewards Hub website. To access this website, all you need to do is go to our office website at: and click on the link that looks just like your “Smile Rewards” card. Once you login, you will be able to earn even more points by looking around the site and performing tasks related to our office such as taking an office survey, giving a testimonial about your doctor or your treatment or participating in an online office contest. But more importantly, you will be able to check your point totals and redeem your points for giftcards from just about any local retailer you can think of. So, you can earn actual stuff for being a great orthodontic patient and improving the health of your mouth.

            Be sure to ask a team member about the Patient Rewards Hub the next time you are in the office. In the coming months we will be launching an “app” for smartphones and tablets that will make interaction with your Smile Rewards that much simpler. 2015 will truly be the start of something very special at our office! We are glad you will be a part of it. Thanks for being such great patients!

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